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Chantelle Tremain Boulle, President & CEO

With a diverse background in modeling, acting, public relations, and fashion show production, Chantelle has a variety of special event experience. Whether attending as a guest or being a participant, one thing is for certain, she has created a visionary list of how certain details inspire guests.

As a private event planner for Cote de Chic, Chantelle keeps focus on the scope of your event, whatever the affair may be, by keeping your budget and priorities on the horizon. She serves as a creative compass for your journey as host or hostess.

As a Model and Talent Manager for Cote de Chic, Chantelle provides the client with quality women, men and also kids & teens, by request, to represent the brand. Our models and talent, not only range in age and ethnic diversity, but they are uniquely beautiful, intelligent, charismatic, interactive, reliable and, are passionate about what they do. 

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